John Glenn Columbus International Airport has one main terminal divided into three airport concourses: Concourse A, Concourse B, and Concourse C. Besides, the airport holds two runways.

Concourse A holds the Boarding Gates A1-A7. In 1989 Concourse A was built for U.S. Airways. Nowadays, it is the home to Southwest Airlines, which uses all the gates, except A1 (as there is no jet bridge) and A7 (as it has a ground-level boarding gate). In this area, some dining services and shopping stores are offered to travelers.

Concourse B holds the Boarding Gates B19-B36. It is the original section of the current terminal built-in 1958. Nowadays, Concourse B is home to Air Canada (Gate B30), American (Gate: B19-26, B28; *There is no B27), Spirit (Gate: B35-36), and United (Gate: B29-32, 34). Currently, some of the gates, including Gates: B15-18 and B33 (the jet bridge was removed), are not accessible any longer, due to construction operations. Concourse B hosts the following airlines: Manages Air Canada, Spirit and United, American Airlines, and the Vacation Express charters that depart from concourse C.

Concourse C holds the Boarding Gates C46-C56, and it was opened in 1995 for Delta and Southwest. Later in 2002, the building was extended, and now it is home for Alaska (Gate: C49), Delta (Gates: C48-56), and Frontier (Gate: C47). Gate C46 is used by Vacation Express charters as well as by international arrivals connecting directly to customs and immigration service area. Currently, the only foreign visitors at Concourse C are the seasonal flights from Punta Cana and Cancún; and there are daily flights to Toronto – Pearson.


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