TSA Security Checking

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Airport Police & Public Safety teams collaborate with airport's airlines and take the responsibility to ensure and get customers where they want to go, securely, and safely. TSA has some helpful packing and travel tips that will expedite each passenger’s security checkpoint experience at CMH.

All passengers traveling via domestic or international flights have to go through the Security checking and X-ray screening. Passengers are asked to remove all personal items and belongings (including electronic devices, metal-made items, food and snacks, liquids, etc.). Electronic devices should be placed on the bin, and passengers are not allowed to leave them inside carry-on bags during checking. Sometimes Security agents ask passengers to turn on the electronic device to remove shoes or other materials if necessary. Hence, passengers have to be patient during security screening. TSA has special instructions for passengers who wish to carry snacks, food (like sandwiches) or liquids (like aerosols, etc. similar items), so it is recommended for passengers to check the allowed details on board, before going to checking.

Further information can be found on the TSA official website:

Airport Police and Public Safety

To ensure the traveling public's safety, the John Glenn Columbus International Airport provides professionally trained and friendly Airport Police who take the duty to make themselves available for anyone’s assistance and maintain a visible presence throughout the airport. Even if any medical emergencies occur, Airport Police Agents administer help and support until the airport’s EMT service group arrives at the place.

Legal Documents and Identification

According to TSA safety requirements, travelers aged 18 years and over have to show a valid

Identification, preferably ID with photo on it. For children traveling throughout the United States, TSA does not ask any license or passport for those who are aged under 18 years. All passengers have to foresee the fact that around the United States, for domestic (local or regional) flights, they can use a license or state-issued Identification Card.

Security checkpoints and Departure Time

The airport team and airlines suggest all passengers arrive 90 minutes before the scheduled time for domestic flights and be present at Security checkpoints for international flights two hours before the scheduled time.



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