Security Procedures at Columbus Airport

At John Glenn, Columbus International Airporttravelers arriving via domestic or international flights must go through some security procedures upon their entry to the United States. TSA Security group with trained agents is ready to assist newly arrived passengers and ensure customer and baggage safety. Security procedures consist of the screening process of each passenger who must go under a body scanner machine. Belongings such as carry-on bags must be placed on an individual bin. Remember that items such as electronic devices, liquids, food, and a snack or other materials should be placed on each separate container to allow X-ray to check them.

Customs and Border Protection

When arriving in the United States, passengers have to get ready for customs and border protection services along with the immigration checking process. Border Protection service – CBP and their agents take the duty to check all newly arrived passengers. They ensure the safety of each person and determine their valid identification. CBP Security agents monitor documents, and under their requirements, they have the responsibility to ask some questions to passengers if necessary. The questions usually aim to determine the reasons for arrival, duration of stay, the aim of their visit, address, etc.

Passengers should remember that there are two lines on arrival building, one for the citizens of the U.S. another for visitors of the States. By taking the appropriate path, the process of checking will become easier for everyone. Travelers who enter the United States must know that Visa is not enough to present at the identification clearance service.

Meeting points and Exit area is available outside the Customs and Border protection area. Follow the signs and get your right route.



Arrivals at John Glenn Columbus International Airport.


The precise location of John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

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